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1st Gent : An ancient land in ancient oracles
Is called ‘law-thirsty’ : all struggle there
Was after order and perfect rule
Pray, where lie such lands now ?
2nd Gent: Why, where they lay of old - in human souls

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"The profoundest of all sensualities
is the sense of truth
and the next deepest sensual experience
is the sense of justice."
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Alexandre Cabanel, Boniface and Aglaia, 1857


Alexandre Cabanel, Boniface and Aglaia, 1857

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"Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you;
Be true to your word and your work and your friend;
Put least trust in him who is foremost to praise you,
Nor judge of a road till it draw to the end."
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lana del rey is so unrealistic “will you still love me when i’m no longer young and beautiful” the real question is will u still love me when u find out about my crippling neopets addiction 

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Belén Moreno aka Belén Moreno Núñez (Sevilla, Spain) - 1,2: Twin Peaks “Fire Walk With Me” (+ detail), 2014  Drawings: Graphite on Paper, Digital Coloring  3: El Regreso, 2014  4: The Awakening Of Consciousness, 2014   3,4: Oil, Graphite on Venetian Plaster


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Many Theresas have been born who found for themselves no epic life wherein there was a constant unfolding of far-resonant action ; perhaps only a life of mistakes , the offspring of a certain spiritual grandeur ill-matched with the meanness of opportunity ; perhaps a tragic failure which found no sacred poet and sank unwept into oblivion . With dim lights and tangled circumstance they tried to shape their thought and deed in noble agreement ; but after all, to common eyes their struggles seemed mere inconsistency and formlessness ; for these later born Theresas were helped by no coherent social faith and order which could perform the function of knowledge for the ardently willing soul. Their ardour alternated between a vague ideal and the common yearning of womanhood ; so that the one was disapproved as extravagance , and the other condemned as a lapse.

Some have felt that these blundering lives are due to the inconvenient indefiniteness with which the supreme power has fashioned the natures of women: if there were one level of feminine incompetence as strict as the ability to count three and no more , the social lot of women might be treated with scientific certitude. Meanwhile the indefiniteness remains , and the limits of variation are really much wider than anyone would imagine from the sameness of women’s coiffure and the favourite love stories in prose and verse. Here and there a cygnet is reared uneasily among the ducklings in the brown pond, and never finds the living stream in fellowship with its own oary-footed kind. Here and there is born a Saint Theresa , foundress of nothing , whose loving heart beats and sobs after an unattained goodness tremble off and are dispersed among hindrances, instead of centring in some long recognisable deed.

George Eliot ; Middlemarch
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