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Ask me anything   Submit   Morbid pseudo-Socrates with a verbosity problem,possibly a mood disorder and some miserable expectations and wild hopes thrown in too. My names maham. I'm from Pakistan.

"But the thing about literature is, well, basically it encapsulates all the disciplines - it’s history , philosophy, politics, sexual politics , sociology , psychology , linguistics , science. Literature is mankind’s organised response to the world around him, or her , so in a way it’s only natural that this response should contain a whole panoply of intellectual concepts , ideas , issues …. so as the eponymous Hamlet says to Polonius in Act Two Scene Two , it’s all ultimately about ‘words words words’ , and what we call literature is in fact just the vehicle for what might more accurately described as the study of everything."
David Nicholls (Starter for Ten)
— 2 years ago
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