Field Notes From Mediocrity

Ask me anything   Submit   Morbid pseudo-Socrates/literary darling/petty revolutionary  with a verbosity problem,possibly a mood disorder,and some miserable expectations and wild hopes thrown in too. My name's Maham. I'm from Pakistan. I like politics,history,lit,art and being happy.

"But the thing about literature is, well, basically it encapsulates all the disciplines - it’s history , philosophy, politics, sexual politics , sociology , psychology , linguistics , science. Literature is mankind’s organised response to the world around him, or her , so in a way it’s only natural that this response should contain a whole panoply of intellectual concepts , ideas , issues …. so as the eponymous Hamlet says to Polonius in Act Two Scene Two , it’s all ultimately about ‘words words words’ , and what we call literature is in fact just the vehicle for what might more accurately described as the study of everything."
David Nicholls (Starter for Ten)
— 2 years ago
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